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Last Updated 05 - Jan - 2009

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Chip Tuning for BMW 330 (3000 D 6CIL 24V)



ECU Type variations for BMW 330 

Serial Programming Chip No. ECU No. Eprom Chksum
FLASH_0005 1037351142 (10373512 0)0281010144 29F400 23EE
EPROM 1037351142 281010144 29F400 163
FLASH_0005 1037351265 281010314 29F400 43BB
EPROM 1037351265 281010314 29F400 44DE
FLASH_0005 1037351513 281010314 29F400 B73D
FLASH_0005 1037351513 281010314 29F400 EE52
FLASH_0005 1037351421 281010314 29F400 DC2A
FLASH_0005 1037351421 281010314 29F400 BD96
FLASH_0005 1037351632 281010314 29F400 4DE1
FLASH_0005 1037351513 281010314 29F400 90C9
FLASH_0005 1037351210 281010314 29F400 468C
FLASH_0005 1037351142 281010144 29F400 5932
FLASH_0005 1037351761 281010314 29F400 7C7F
FLASH_0005 1037351210 281010144 29F400 E99D
FLASH_0005 1037788016 281010314 29F400 F0FA
FLASH_0005 1037351210 281010144 29F400 E99D

Note: If your ECU Type or your car is not listed, please call us.
>>  ECU Chip Tuning department: 01293 531080

ECU Chip Tuning for the  BMW 330

Austec Racing have been at the forefront of ECU programming for increasing performance, fuel efficiency or custom mapping for many years. We now offer our ECU remapping service for almost every ECU.

Our Rolling Road ("dyno") remapping service is completely backed up by years of experience, professional staff with engineering facilities for building and tuning engines.

Our tuning starts with us downloading all the data from the ECU. We then analyse this information and make changes to the fuel and ignition maps based on extensive knowledge and experience.  These changes are totally safe. The effect is improved power output, throttle response, driveability and fuel consumption.

Why You should get your BMW 330 (3000 D 6CIL 24V) tuned?

  Tuning -  make your Porsche even better...
obtain UP TO 50BHP more


more acceleration & top speed
improved & safer overtaking
get an overall smoother drive
Up to 30% improvement on fuel used

Phone us today (01293 531080) to get a no obligation, free quote.

For a small extra, we can put your car on our rolling road (dyno) before your ecu is tuned and take a record of exactly what power your car is putting out.  Then once the car has been tuned, we can then run it on the dyno again and see what difference the tuning process has had.  Additionally, we can plot both dyno runs on one graph, and show you the difference.

Don't trust your ECU mapping to anyone until you have spoken with professionals on our team.

If you would like to find out how much it will cost you to get your
car tuned, please contact us today.

Alternatively, you can call our ECU Chip Tuning specialists on
01293 531080.


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*Flywheel horsepower is calculated by the addition of the horsepower at the wheels and the horsepower lost through the transmission.  Our Maha LPS3000 dyno calculates realtime transmission loss by means of a full transmission rundown at the end of every dyno run.






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